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Badge justification – time to MASH IT UP!!!!!

I don’t quite know who came up with the term Public Relations (and no I can’t be bothered to look it up so to coin an old school BBC phrase ‘answers on a postcard please’), but most of the time what I do could not strictly be termed as dealing with the public.


If we are going on that tip I did more actual Public Relations when I sold shoes in my first Saturday job or stamped out books at the local library. Being a pretty black and white person (and more so the older I get I have found) I think the sort of activities  have just described could be seen as much more Public than the time I now spend, to quote Bridget Jones ‘fannying around with press releases’.


So in a very long winded way what I am saying is that I am really, really looking forward to Mashed. I couldn’t hack my way out of a paper bag but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy soaking up the atmosphere and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love going back to my roots and actually talking to and helping out our attendees. You know, members of the public. Grant you these are a pretty special lot whose PR I may end up doing one way or another one day when they have created the next widget of widgets, but they are still people on the ground who frankly usually know a lot more about what is actually going on than we do in our corporate ivory towers.


God only knows what Matthew Cashmore has in store. Well I mean, I know some of it but I think he’s probably been doing some ducking and diving that I don’t know about, (he gets about that one, in a nice way). What ever it is I know damn sure he will be doing it to put on the best damn event ever!


I only hope we don’t get struck by lightening. Oh, yeah we already did. 😉


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