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Count down to Over the Air – 9 working days to go!!!!!!!

Normally, I don’t think that palpatations are a good thing. I either have some sort of heart condition am drinking too much coffee or I am suped up on event support adrenilin. I just hope I last long enough to get to and indeed through Over the Air.

We have 9 working days to go until this mobile development extravaganza (who suggested an Easter holiday anyway) and my mind is in over drive. I am sure it will be peachy-keen on the days but I am a PR, we worry, that’s our job. Anyway, half the tickets are gone now according to Ian Forrester’s blog post so I guess if you wanna go you need to get in quick. It’s free so what the hey? Hope to see you all there. I will be the frantic looking one in pig tails with a walkie talkie…  


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Who gives us permission to explore our world?

‘The question implies that the world in fact belongs to someone else. Who gives us permission to communicate what we’ve experienced, what we believe, what we discovered of the world for ourselves? The question betokens a history of voice suppressed, of whole cultures that have come to believe only power is sanctioned to speak. Because the ability to speak does involve power. It entails ownership and the control conferred by ownership. ‘

Okay so I am finally back on the Cluetrain after too long a hiatus. Today I came across the above paragraph and my first thought was – good point. Who the hell is the government, the church, my employer to tell me what I can and can’t look at?  Unless you are God (and I have suspicions about the existence of that particular landlord) then frankly the world, terra friggin firma, our planet is not theirs, it’s ours.

However, I believe that the majority of punters (and I include myself in this) don’t need to know everything. I loved the X-Files and Independence Day (leading to my  film degree dissertation on Religious Motifs in Science Fiction which I still think I should have got a 1st  for) it was cool to look into the world of those ‘in the know’ but I have to say I agreed with those fictional characters strategy of ‘plausible deniability’  

“God damn it Mulder, if we told the little people that aliens were regularly visiting the Kentucky state mini mall there would be anarchy!”

I did a personality test once while enrolled in Executive Job Club, (yes that is a real club, it’s where the Job Centre send you when you get made redundant from your first PR job and they don’t know what to do with you, there was me and a bunch of 50 year old men who were lovely but it was a bit like take your daughter work day) anyway, I did this test and I came out Submissive 9/Confirmist 10.

If you know me you wouldn’t think that I would be like this. My ex boyfriend once said I was the least conformist person he had ever met (bless him he went to boarding school) but fundamentally I think that people do need structure. They want to feel safe and they want someone else to take responsibility for their lives, they want to listen to a commanding voice and trust that someone or something else is going to take care of the big things while they decide whether to get their chicken tikka masala from Tesco or Sainsbury.

 As I write I am questioning myself again, do people want someone/thing in charge so society doesn’t go off on one Lord of the Flies stylee or are we, am I just scared?

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Over the Air

I haven’t posted anything for a bit due to, a) having spread myself a bit thinly on the work front and b) basically getting out of the habit of blogging so apologies. I do intend to finish The Cluetrain. I’m not sure what stops me more, the habit thing or having too much to do or is it a bit of both but Dave Crossland has sent me someone’s post about making something a habit which should help, when I get round to it…  

Anyway, in the meantime I wanted to post something about an event that the BBC is supporting in April. You may have heard about it already but it’s called Over the Air and is a handheld device related 48 hour hack event. I think, and I mean think that you can get on the site and register now if you want to come along so give the site a look if you get the chance.

After attending hack day last year I am planning to go down there for most of the weekend and I think it will be fun and I am quite excited about seeing the difference in the sort of ideas that people come up with compared to what I saw at Alexandra Palace. Also since I’ve been at the BBC I have been out of the mobile world so I would like to know what’s rocking and rolling there anyway. It will be like old times. Here’s the blurb, hope to see you there! 

Calling all mobile developers, designers, experimenters, and enthusiasts! Mark the 4th and 5th of April on your calendars for Over the Air, the largest grass-roots mobile developer event that London has ever seen.Over the Air will be 48 hours of mobile development hack-day-style; featuring workshops, tutorials, speakers and lots of other good-stuff like network APIs and emerging platform SDKs. This is one that you won’t want to miss, so pencil it in now, and watch out for the big announcements that will be coming soon. To get the latest news on Over the Air developments as they roll out hot off the press, simply subscribe to our feed at…..

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