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This blog post is not Cluetrain related. I have honestly been too busy to read much of it but I didn’t want to leave my blog un-touched for weeks on end so I am going to start putting some other bits and pieces up. And here we go.

Last week was a very good week. I was very busy which I like and I felt like I accomplished a lot. The piece that I had been working on with BBC Research came out in The Independent and it was fantastic. A double page spread, the like of which I hadn’t seen in my coverage portfolio since about 2002.  

I still manage to generate quite a bit of coverage thank god but these days most of it seems to be online. This completely fits with the audience that we are trying to reach but I have to admit that if the feature is large enough those offline articles still pack a considerable punch. As I walked around the Media Village a couple of days after people were asking me if I had seen it and how good it was and I of course agreed J . Perhaps there is a way but frankly I am not blogged up enough to know how to show you the scan of the piece on here so rather ironically I have had to include the online version. The lack of pictures takes away from it quite a lot but the content is all there.

In addition to this, one of my spokespeople did a photo shoot for a broadsheet piece we did the interview for last year. I hate, hate, hate having my photo taken as I often look like a cross between Davina McCall’s fat look-a-like  and Super Nanny. As a result I really admire my spokespeople when they have to do this stuff.

Although I tend to be there I also tend to look the other way while the shutter is clicking or as is more usually the case, busy myself with holding the bit of camera equipment that looks like a front head light but is something to do with the flash. The piece is out this week so I am told so I am looking forward to it.

Not coverage related but definitely relevant is the fact that I have finally got a Nintendo DS. Obviously I am a year or so too late to fit into the early adopter category but the pleasure I feel when I am playing it is not diminished. Game wise my favourite ones so far are Brain Training and Nintendogs. I hate reading instructions so I know it’s going to take me ages to really understand what I am doing.

For instance, just because I have the Chihuahua version of Nintendogs does that mean I always have to start with that one? We got the system and games from EBay so someone else had little Bruno before me. I have already grown an emotional attachment to said dog but to be honest I am not really a Chihuahua sort of girl. I want a German Shepherd and I wouldn’t call it Bruno either. Can’t seem to wipe the file on Bruno… Sod it now I feel like he is half way to pretend doggy heaven and I feel even guiltier.  

I am well excited about this to the extent that I now boring my friends and work colleagues. I think they need to back off. I have been moaning about not having a pet for ages now I have one even if it is a simulation of a Chihuahua.

Now I am back at work though things seem to have gone a bit Pete Tong as I had a most uncomfortable meeting this morning. GMTV woman said that this was the most depressing work day of the whole year. She is not wrong.


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