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Quick comment on ‘Scientific Management’

At my old work we used to have press parties a couple of times a year. To be honest there was not much official business done but they were definitely relationship builders. It was just the journalists and us getting larruped probably to a slightly dubious theme. There were no clients so everyone was pretty relaxed and frankly I am glad that Facebook and Flickr didn’t exist in my younger days otherwise Minesy tripping the light fantastic would be plastered all over the internet.  

The face to face contact and the talking was what counted though and I now have journalist ‘friends’ who will put up with me phoning with some god awful question just because, well they like me.  This week we had a press party; it was much more reserved as our spokespeople came along. It wasn’t to announce anything, just a relationship builder but it was good for that very reason. I did have one odd and very musical moment but I can only talk about that offline to protect the innocent 😉

Now, back to The Cluetrain. My old sociology teacher Mr Omara once told us a story about when he worked on a production line. He had two roles dependent on the day. Sometimes he would just be someone who put stuff onto the line and sometimes he would be a person who would fix the conveyor belt if it broke. He said that when he was just putting stuff on the belt it was so mindless that sometimes he jammed it on purpose just so he could have a bit of a rest despite the fact that he knew what a pain it was to fix the damn thing.  The long and the short of it is that with no power he didn’t care about his job and became destructive. Hmm nuff said.


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