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Part 4 – at last Chapter 1!!!

I know, I know, I really should be much further along than this. I have no excuse other than I have the attention span of a gnat and when the emails come through asking me to do something I hop to it. Of course I do I’m a PR, that’s what we do.  Anyhoo – just quickly.  I really like Christopher Locke’s reality check. He’s right, life is too short, we do die, we don’t know when and I think I wasted a whole lot of time on some things that really aren’t important in the great scheme of things. I have thought about it a lot, particularly when I was flogging a particularly unpopular device for a particularly large organisation. I did this for a long time and constantly felt like I was running through sand. It hurt, it hurt a lot and I didn’t believe what I was saying.   On the other hand though if I didn’t I would be skint and living in a cardboard box somewhere in South London, or even back at the folks house and that is not an option. Swings and round abouts…  PS, this would have been longer but I am going to have to do more posts on this later on as the day has gone seriously Pete Tong.


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  1. Hey Sarah, I have just spent 3 days at IIW (Internet Identity Workshop) in the company of Doc Searles himself and a few others who are shaping the web as we know it. I left feeling energized and excited – Doc and a number of other visionary individuals are putting his efforts into Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management – When you’re through with Cluetrain, check this out, it is the natural progression of the ideas expressed.

    Other interesting sites you could visit: – Aligning Business and Marketing in the Age of the Organised Customer – From media to people, the blog of Adriana Lukas – The Social Customer, there are no spectators anymore, participate
    and my own blog where I worry about online privacy, my data and how I can get more out of the web for less,

    Comment by gammydodger | December 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi Sarah, Ian here 🙂

    Your doing great, a little bit of honesty goes a long way. I doubt your good friend at that paper is going to quote what you just wrote. Most people have to made that choice between doing something which compromises there personal ethics, rules or tastes. We need to survive and no one should hold that against you. Ideally we would deliver things people enjoy, if we don’t we change it at a much earlier stage, instead of trying to keeping it secret (although most people knew we were working on it and knew how it worked already)

    Anyway will save quoting cluetrain for another day 🙂

    ProjectVRM is interesting and you should check it out, however its not in a ready state yet. Adriana Lukas was at BarCampLondon3 and I had a chance to run my future presentation past her, she loved it and offered a couple more tips. I think you will also find the presentation useful but I’m coming to present to you guys soon…

    Comment by Ian Forrester | December 6, 2007 | Reply

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